October 27, 2014

8/7c - RAW: A shooting at a school playground leads to the death of the adopted child of a prison guard.

9/8c - STRAIN: Robin Weller, is found murdered, execution style and displayed in the window of his work.

October 20, 2014

8/7c - DESIGN: A pregnant woman seemingly dies after her alleged rapist and father of her baby is charged with the crime.

9/8c - 911: A 911 call from 9-year-old Maria is forwarded to Benson, who must figure out why Maria has been locked in a room for days.

October 13, 2014

8/7c - PARTS: A woman's body is found in pieces in a junkyard and all evidence points to her jealous boyfriend.

9/8c - GOLIATH: Two cops from different precincts attack their wives and attempt to take their own lives; one successfully.

October 6, 2014

8/7c - BLOOD: An elderly woman with Alzheimer's is abused, triggering memories of similar crimes from her childhood, but the real crime is what's being done to the elderly today.

9/8c - NIGHT: A high-powered executive is raped, but the situation is complicated by her involvement with the Feds and the Russian mob.

September 29, 2014

8/7c - PURE: A mother reports her eighteen year old daughter missing when she receives a horribly graphic and sexual message on her answering machine about her daughter.

9/8c - INTOXICATED: A mother reports a case of statutory rape in an effort to keep her teenager daughter's twenty-one year old boyfriend away from her. The girl makes it impossible for SVU involvement when she claims that she and her boyfriend have never had sexual relations.