Monday, December 22 8/7c Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

8/7c - AVATAR: The detectives investigate a rape involving a girl and her older sister's boyfriend using avatars to lure the suspect.

9/8 - IMPULSIVE: Benson and Stabler face a tough case of he said/she said when a 15-year-old student contracts gonorrhea from his teacher. But when confronted, his teacher, Sarah confessed that the student had raped her weeks earlier, and she never reported it.

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Tuesday, December 23 8/7c Law & Order: Criminal Intent Law & Order: Criminal Intent

8/7c - THE DISCIPLE: A body discovered at a construction site bears all the hallmarks of a serial killer who was executed over six months ago.

9/8c - LOST CHILDREN OF THE BLOOD: The body of a bright young college student is found completely drained of blood. What appears to be a sex game gone wrong leads to a world of underground clubs, blood dealers, and a fanatical cult who believe themselves immortal.

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Wednesday, December 24 8/7c The Walking Dead The Walking Dead

8/7c - HOUNDED: As Andrea grows closer to the Governor, Michonne makes a decision about Woodbury. Glenn and Maggie go on a run. Rick struggles.

9/8c - WHEN THE DEAD COME KNOCKING: The Governor presses for information. A new guest arrives at the prison, forcing Rick's hand.

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