Monday, October 12 8/7c Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

8/7c - HARDWIRED: Benson and Stabler learn a young boy is being molested by his stepfather, which leads to a disturbing case of adult-child relationships.

9/8c - SPOOKED: The FBI gets involved in a murder case when it becomes too dangerous for the SVU cops.

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Tuesday, October 13 8/7c The Walking Dead The Walking Dead

8/7c - NO SANCTUARY: We learn the true motives of the Terminans as Rick and the group find themselves in a vulnerable situation. Will they be able to work together?

9/8c - STRANGERS: With supplies running low and not knowing whether to trust the people around them, Rick leads a mission where the risk might not be worth the reward.

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Wednesday, October 14 8/7c The Closer The Closer

8/7c - FLASHPOINT:Brenda investigates the murder of a psychiatrist who was involved in a controversial clinical trial for a drug to treat teen depression and anxiety. Suspects include other doctors.

9/8c -FANTASY DATE: Brenda investigates the murder of a U.S. Congresswoman's daughter, who may have been targeted because of an online personal ad involving role-playing in a fantasy "rape" scene.

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