Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

June 29th

8/7c - ...OR JUST LOOK LIKE ONE: The savage murder of two underage models leads Benson and Stabler into the glamorous world of high fashion. Benson and Stablerís investigation exposes the underbelly of the modeling world, where drugs, sex and humiliation are the norm. With the help of Lennie Briscoe and his new partner Ed Green, they follow the twisting trail of clues to a bitter ex-model whose career was cut tragically short by an sexual assault several years before. Bebe Neuwirth guest stars.

9/8c - HYSTERIA: Benson and Stabler investigate what they assume to be the murder of a prostitute. Their assumptions change once they talk to the victim's middle class parents who assert definitively that their daughter was not a street walker. Further investigation uncovers that the woman may have been the victim of a serial killer. Ultimately they capture the serial murderer who turns out to be cop, but also finger the young woman's boyfriend who copycated the killer's m.o. to cover his crime.

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